I am a writer working on my first novel on race, family intergenerationality, the Asian American narrative. My intention is to write one story that's symbolic of the greater, universal immigrant experience, in this era and those prior, accessible to every American whose family at one point or another had borne by itself and its children the chasm over sea, over air, over land, a story encapsulating the experience of all those restless vagrants who've settled in this country or the next.

Prose texture: Dostoyevsky's penetrating insightful depths embedded in Garcia Marquez's playful levity, doused in Beckett's and Camus' absurdity of the human condition. The taste is predominantly humorous, overlaid on the real and what is customarily left out of polite conversation due to idle courtesy, but with intermittent lapses like Ishiguro's brief window into the profound.

I finished my master's at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to that, I did my undergrad at NYU and then spent a few years in industry.